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Booster Elite from BV Sport is an asymmetrical Sport cuff without foot part, the best conditions for an optimal training …to make it. It was derived from the Booster Original…

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Booster Elite from BV Sport is an asymmetrical Sport cuff without foot part, the best conditions for an optimal training …to make it. It was derived from the Booster Original, differs but in the way of compression. Here the priorities were 100% in favour of the athlete: the focus is on maximum performance and maximum possible blood flow.
Due to the progressive-intermittent compression unfold the sports cuffs reach their full potential when the muscle contracts. The Muscle tone is increased by compression, which results in more efficient contraction becomes possible. The increased muscle tone has another Advantage: Vibrations are better absorbed. The following also benefit from the pressure Arteries and the vessels. The high pressure also affects the deep veins the muscle vein pump is actively supported. Not only does this make prevents a feeling of heaviness, but the body also has more blood available Decree.
The innovations of the Booster Elite:
Aero-Tibial window: above the shin (tibia) is a lightweight knitted fabric is used. The window technology does not allow only a good ventilation, but protects the sensitive, pretibial structures like nerves and periosteum.
Asymmetrical G-Concept: the sports cuffs were literally developed around the Sportlerwade and guarantee in every situation an effective contact pressure.
Soleus Protect System: The M. Soleus and the resulting running Achilles tendon is optimally supported by the Booster Elite. The Tonus is increased, parasitic oscillations are reduced.
NextGen Ceramic Thread: An ultra-light microfibre yarn loaded with ceramic-based nanoparticles not only ensures perfect thermoregulation, but also supports superficial blood circulation.
The sports cuff is used in the following areas: Running, athletics, team sports, cycling. She was designed for the effort and should therefore not be used for regeneration to be worn. More than 10,000 top athletes, including hundreds of world champions and Olympic champions use BV Sport Compression/Support Stockings in sports Everyday life. 15 years of research, 3 clinical studies and 3 international patents are behind it. The BV-Sport articles carry the EC trademark and are French control authority for medical articles (AFSSAPS) certified and controlled like a drug.
Size info!
For an optimal Fit, calf circumference at the thickest point and length from
below the knee measure to the ground:
S (calf circumference
: 30-34 cm, length: 38-42 cm)
S+ (Calf circumference
: 30-34 cm, length: 42-46 cm)
M (Calf circumference: 34-38
cm, length: 38-42 cm)
M+ (calf circumference: 34-38
cm, length: 42-46 cm)
L (calf circumference: 38-43 cm
, length: 38-42 cm)
L+ (calf circumference: 38-43 cm,
length: 42-46 cm)
XL (calf circumference: 34-38 cm, length
: 46-52 cm)
XL+ (calf circumference: 38-43 cm, length: 46-52
delivery : 1 pair (2 cuffs)


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